Whirlcare Hot Tub

Whirlcare  is for hydrotherapy, relaxation and pleasure. It help people to reduce stress, release tension and & increase performance. The hot tub is  operated by air and water. An electric motor pumps water through jets that help to relax and massage muscles. It reduces the amount of paint you feel in your joints and muscles and it will improve the circulations of blood flows around the body.

Whirlcare consist of 6 models that will bring you innovative and Luxurious designed to be enjoyed for.

  • A Edition – Comfortable entrances and spacious interior design
  • C Edition – health promoting massage, effective and uncomplicated
  • E Edition – Intensive Hydro massage
  • K Luxury Edition – Relax, Therapy and Healthcare
  • S Edition – Ideal for Families and for party
  • Swim Spa Edition – Color light therapy and Extreme fitness Relaxation