Top-Tier Products for Moroccan Bath | Turkish Bath in Dubai, UAE

At Al Khayat General Trading, we understand how critical it is for a modern Moroccan Hammam to exceed the expectations of not only their regular customers but also occasional visitors and tourists.

If you are planning to set up a new Morrocan Hammam in Dubai or looking forward to renovating an existing Moroccan Hammam, then explore our Moroccan Hammam products:

  • Heated Bench
  • Electric Heated Scrub Table
  • Luminous Fiber Optic Light

Maintaining the right amount of heat in the room and setting the right temperature is critical for any Moroccan Hammam. Thus, we offer premium quality heated benches and electric heated scrub tables with a Moroccan theme so that you can give your Hammam an authentic Moroccan touch.

Besides, we also offer stylish luminous fibre optic lights to adorn the ceiling and walls of your sauna or Moroccan spa room.

Our offered products make a great choice if you wish to make your Turkish or Moroccan Spa Facility more contemporary, functional, and impressive.

For any queries on Moroccan Hammam products, please get in touch with us.

Do You Want to Learn About Moroccan Bath? Continue reading.

Introduction to Moroccan Bath

Moroccan Bath, also called Turkish Bath, is an ancient cleansing ritual in a public setting. In the UAE, Moroccan Bath is quite common and popularly known as Maghrebi. Like most bathhouses around the world, one can expect to be steamed, soaked, scrubbed, and come out from a Moroccan Bath or Turkish Bath sparkly clean and rejuvenated but you might find it distinct, more refreshing, and more relaxing.

Roots of Moroccan Bath or Moroccan Hammam

The Moroccan Bath is probably the most ancient therapeutic experience in the world. However, in the beginning, a Moroccan Hammam originated as a bathhouse where people of a community come to clean themselves together as personal bathrooms were less common during ancient times.

While the idea spread across the world, Moroccans were the first to create Hammam and hence, often referred to as Moroccan Hammam. Here, the word “Hammam” simply means a bathhouse where people meet, talk, and relax while cleaning up themselves (and helping others with the same) in a public setting.

Moroccan Bath in Dubai

Rooted in the ancient traditions of Moroccans, Romans, and Turkish cleaning rituals, the concept of a hammam, typically called Maghrebi, emerged in the Arabic culture as a place to purify and prepare for the prayer. Gradually, they became popular throughout the Middle East during the late 1400s. They were most commonly found nearby mosques and medinas. However, Moroccan hammam has eventually become a one-of-a-kind experience and thus, attracted people from around the world to get to know the Arabic culture more closely.

Now, a visit to Moroccan Hammam or Turkish Bath in Dubai is more like a tranquil escape that allows people to relieve their stresses and strains and feel cleansed physically as well as spiritually. The concept of setting up such a bathhouse requires intensive research, the right ambience, and the right products.

Hence, a modern Moroccan Hammam in Dubai is typically a bit private than traditional ones. Nowadays, the setting is more serene, elegant, and stylish to impart a more aesthetic appeal. Since a hammam visit is a body-cleansing ritual, a hammam is incomplete without quality heated benches and scrub tables that you can heat electrically. Besides, you also need to install the fixtures that create the right aura for perfect Turkish Bath or Moroccan Bath.

So, when it comes to opening or renovating a Moroccan Hammam, please feel free to explore our product range.