Which Is More Popular in Dubai: Moroccan Hammam or Turkish Bath?

A large number of people from around the world come to Dubai for the amazing experiences and attractions that the city is known for. Since Dubai is typically associated with luxury, Moroccan Hammam in Dubai is one of the ways for tourists and residents to experience luxurious baths that replenish and revitalize the body and mind. Though Moroccan Hamman is interchanged with the term “Turkish Bath” frequently, both types of bathing experiences aren’t the same. There is a clear distinction between Turkish bath and Moroccan hammam, and we will explore the same in this blog.

What is a Turkish bath?

Also popularly known as the Turkish hammam, the concept of Turkish bath dates all the way back to the Ottoman Empire, which might be influenced by the Roman Empire that preceded it. In a Turkish bath, bathing involves getting relaxed in a steam room filled with hot air, just like a sauna. Sometimes, bathers move on to a room with even hotter air before starting a full body wash in cold water. The body washing was followed then by a massage and a relaxation period in the cooling room.

What is a Moroccan Hammam?

One can consider Moroccan Hammam as a Turkish bath 2.0 version. Moroccan Hammams, which once traditionally used to be discreet buildings, are now popular in Dubai for the amazing experience of relaxation and rejuvenation they offer. The bathing procedure in Moroccan Hammams typically involves the use of black or beldi soap that is meant to cleanse the body thoroughly. With just a pinch, it does a great job of exfoliating i.e. removing dead skin cells. A rough washcloth, usually called kessa, is also used to enhance the cleansing and exfoliation action of the soap.

Apart from using the unique soap, another main distinction between Turkish and Moroccan baths is that, in Moroccan Hammams, people enter the steam room twice. A clay or mud treatment might also be part of the process in Moroccan Hammams, especially before the cleansing procedure.

So, which is better: Moroccan Hammam or Turkish Hammam?

For those who are looking forward to enjoying the most vigorous cleansing and exfoliation action and want to come out with a feeling of relaxation and freshness, nothing can beat Moroccan Hammams. It is really capable of providing skin with a new lease of life.

Setting Up Your Own Moroccan Hammam in Dubai

If you are planning to open a spa for tourists and residents in Dubai, we highly recommend thinking about opening a Moroccan Hamman in Dubai instead. Though it might sound expensive, you will be able to build quite strong reputation in a short span because not may business-minded people think about opening a Moroccan Hammam. Besides, the demand for Moroccan Hammam services is also increasing.

Lavish exotic experiences that Moroccan Hammam offers cannot be outshined by a simple spa center. Equip your Moroccan Hammam with the highest-quality heated bench, electric heated scrub table, and luminous fiber optic light that allows you to add an authentic Moroccan touch.  Offer services like full-body exfoliation, ritual hair washing, traditional stretching, and pampering massage. Once you take all these steps, your clients will be leaving the hammam with positively glowing skin and relaxed feeling.

Moroccan Hammam

Moroccan HammamMoroccan Hammam in Dubai

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