How to Set Up and Choose the Best Home Gym Equipment?

Things are slowly getting back to normal after the COVID-19 pandemic. It’s a big relief for fitness freaks as they can now go back to the gym. However, there are still some measures that need to be taken when going to the fitness center. That’s the reason many opted for home gyms.

If you want to create a dedicated space for a new home gym, you need proper fitness equipment and a personal workout area.

Here we will help you set up a home gym:

  1. Create a dedicated workout space

Firstly, you must choose a proper area for your home gym. The space should be big enough to accommodate an exercise mat and some gym equipment. You can determine the size of your home gym by the amount of space you have and the routines you want to follow. You will require the entire room for a workout if you add a treadmill or home gym bike, functional trainer machine, and weight bench.

  1. Stock your Home Gym

Consistency and variation are essential when you want to achieve fitness goals. Your workout plan should include a combination of cardio and strength training. Treadmill running and cycling are great examples of cardio workouts. On the other hand, free weights, bodyweight exercises, and resistance bands can help with strength training.

  1. Create a Storage Plan

Storage will play a significant role when you want to fit several gears into a tiny space. You can keep small items like jump rope, hula hoop, yoga mat, resistance bands under your bed or sofa.

  1. Design your Setup

It is a good idea to perform exercises in front of the mirror. Also, make sure that there is enough light in the room so you can keep an eye on your form.

Some of the pieces of equipment that you can buy for your home gym are:

  • Treadmills or Cycle

To perform cardio workouts at home, you can either go with a treadmill or home gym cycle. You can even choose both if you have enough space and multiple people perform workout simultaneously.

Running on a treadmill or cycling on a gym bike can help you burn calories and increase your fitness levels quickly. If your fitness goal is to lose fat, a home treadmill and gym bike are ideal options.

  • Residential Bench

Today, you can find many different benches that provide a challenging workout for novice and regular gym-goers. The bench will help strengthen your upper body muscles and enhance flexibility.

The most common exercise benches available are inclined bench, weight bench, flat bench, multi-adjustable bench, vertical bench, utility bench, and crunch bench.

  • Dumbbells

With dumbbells, you can do various types of exercises at home. It is better to go with hex-shaped dumbbells with black rubber coating.

  • Barbells

Many gym freaks prefer barbells because of the stabilization and coordination aspects they bring to the exercises.

  • Weight Plates

You’ll need to add some weight to your dumbbells and barbells. You can find several weights – 2.5kg, 5kg, 10kg, 25kg, and even 45kg plates.

When looking for fitness equipment for your home gym, make sure to choose an experienced and reliable gym equipment supplier who offers branded, high-quality fitness and leisure products.

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