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Harvia HGX is a compact, yet efficient steam generator intended for privateand spa use.Water level is measured in clean water, in a separate measuring cup toprevent problems caused by water impurities.

  • A sediment cup collects water impurities that fall on the bottom of the water container.

Easy to use, easy maintenance

  • Stylish touch-screen control panel. Replica Rolex
  • Basic maintenance – sediment cup emptying and checking the water level sensor – can be done without opening the cover of the unit.

Compact design

  • It can be installed in a low space, i.e. on top of a steam cabin.

Stylish touch-screen control panel

The steam generator is controlled by a separate touch-screen control panel.

  • steam generator (temperature, on-time, delayed start)
  • fragrance pump
  • Lighting
  • Fan